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Get Your NYCC Tix Soon!!


For all those who are looking to attend this year’s New York Comic Con, I would seriously consider buying your tickets very, very soon.  I say this because if you buy them online by Friday, September 16, they will mail you your tickets!

For me, my girlfriend and I have been to the last 3 cons and I must say they are awesome.  Each year it has been getting bigger and bigger.  The first year we went, it didn’t even take up the entire main floor of the Jacob Javits Center (where NYCC is held).  Last year, it took up the whole floor AND part of the basement level. What is cool about the con now is that they combined the NYCC with the New York Anime Festival.  I think this is a wonderful idea because you get 2 great cons in one.  Plus, not to hate or anything, but we went to the NYAF one year and was severely disappointing.  I thought it was too small and boring, especially for the price they were asking to get in.

When we went to last year’s NYCC, we couldn’t believe not only how big it was, but how many people were there.  We felt like squished sardines trying to just walk around.  I think it was also because we went on the main day of it where everything is happening.

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Bargain at Borders


This weekend I had the chance to go to Borders again with my lovely girlfriend only to find out that Borders’ graphic novels and manga were 60% off!!  For once, Borders actually had a good deal!

For the last couple of months, my girlfriend and I have been checking out Borders to see how their “going out of business” sales were.  To be honest, the first few visits were disappointing.  They started selling comic books and manga at 20% off.  Now to a shopper like me that doesn’t have the money to spend that much these things, it was a joke to see this.  Yes, they were on sale, but I could of shopped at Amazon for the same book  and would have gotten it cheaper.  And that’s on a normal day for Amazon.

I first bought some manga from Borders when they were at 40%.  I bought Negima volume 7 and Kekkaishi volume 7.  It was finally worth it to buy them plus they were still on the shelves.

This week, I was able to buy Negima (v.8/9), Kekkaishi (v.10/11), Ninja Girls (v.5), and a blank journal.  These 6 books ended up costing me only $25!!

If you’re looking for a bargain on some manga, check out your local Borders.  They’re going out of business and the stores are not going to be there for long.  I think the one by me has like 7 or 8 days left till they close.  I’ll try and hit it up one more time to see if I can get any last minute deals.  Check out Borders from some cheap manga before their shelves are empty!

Have you been able to get any good deals lately for manga or comic books?

Comics Wrap-up: The New 52


Just some updates that is going on in the “other” world of comics, that of Marvel/DC comics.

So, this week DC finally released their reboot of the entire DC universe starting with Justice League #1.  Now, I will admit that I haven’t kept up with comics recently, but as far as I’m aware, this new universe is the result of the conclusion to their Flashpoint story arc.  Here are some points of interest from me:

The New 52: Change is good, or is it?

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As I was perusing through to see some info on manga, I stumbled upon a deal that they have on selected manga.  While it is not advertised up front and in your face like some of their other sales, this one is a little hidden and something that could be easily missed.  I’m not sure how long it’s been going on, but it looks pretty good.

On selected manga, they have a 4-for-3-deal going on.  That means that if you buy 4 volumes of eligible manga (or other eligible items), you get the lowest priced one free.  Since I haven’t seen a list, the only manga so far that I found that have the deal are Naruto and Bleach.  Although I haven’t checked each volume personally, after skimming through some random ones, I believe that all of the volumes for each series are eligible for this sale.  I’m not sure if you, for example, buy 8 volumes that you would get the cheapest 2 free.  That’s something I guess you would have to find out or ask Amazon yourself.  Just make sure you read the rules before buying.

So, if you are looking to stock up on some manga, why not get some free ones while you’re at it!  Plus, you should most likely hit their $25 minimum for their free Super-saver shipping.  Happy shopping!!

First Impression: Hyakka Ryōran Samurai Girls


Okay, so last week I finally received Hyakka Ryōran Samurai Girls (AKA Samurai Girls in the US) from Amazon since it came out on August 23rd.  I have been looking forward to this series for some time now ever since I saw the trailers for it.  I know, it’s actually old news in the anime world, but hey, I finally got it on DVD and I have to say after watching the first episode, it’s….interesting.  I mean, a good interesting.  Here’s what I thought.

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