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NYCC Impressions


Okay, so I know it’s been almost 2 months since NYCC has ended and you probably read enough reviews from other bloggers that if you didn’t go you could pretty much imagine everything that happened.  Well, I guess I’m just going to add one more to that list.  From most of the blogs and tweets I’ve read about this con, the consensus seemed to be that it was very good.  To be honest, there was only one place that had some critiques of NYCC and it was refreshing to see someone analyzing it.  For my review, it’s coming from a first-hand experience of the convention.  Me and my girlfriend went on Saturday, 10/15 and I can sum up NYCC in 1 word: disappointing.

For us, this was our 4th NYCC that we went to.  We actually started going in 2008 and it has been getting progressively bigger that it’s been said to rival that of the San Diego Comic Con.  Sounds great right?  I though so too.  But bigger doesn’t always mean better.

With a bigger con will also bring more people.  That has to be one of my strongest criticisms.  Crowds.  To be fair, I understand that there was going to be a lot of people there. But there was A LOT of people there.  We felt like we were in stop-and-go traffic for like 92.832% of the time (not including people in front of you stopping to take pics with cosplayers).  In order to get around, I had to go to my New Yorker roots and be an asshole and push my way through crowds of people that were just taking their sweet ass time (if you’re in NYC, locals move fast on the sidewalks so make sure not to get in their way, unless you wanna get some nasty stares or other vagrant language for upsetting the flow).  Speaking of crowds, fanboys/girls.  Just to let you know, there is something called, ready? Deodorant.  You put it on after washing.  One of the first things I noticed after the crowd was the stank.  Makes being surrounded by crowds even less fun when there are people who have problems in the olfactory  area.

Okay, next. Besides the map they gave you being really not user-friendly, I have a bone to pick with the admins about anime/manga.  When you walked into NYCC, you might have wondered “where is all the anime/manga related stuff”? Besides your Animplex and Kodansha booths in the front, everything else was in the back corner.  We almost missed it! And for anyone who was able to go to the NYAF, that in itself should have been called “New York Anime Artist Alley” because that is what it was.  I mean, c’mon, not only did you put the anime booths in the corner, but the “NYAF” was on the top floor in a small and narrow room.  To be honest, I was hoping to get some deals on anime/manga due to the high level of competition among the vendors.  Maybe I just had my expectations set to high but nope, I didn’t find anything worth while.  I ended up picking what I was hoping to get, the Blackest Night trade paperback set from Midtown Comics.

All in all, NYCC was okay. I thought that the con was too big for its own good. My words of advice is that if NYCC wants to go bigger, at least get better too.  OOO and if you’re in the area, GO!GO!Curry is an awesome shop to get some Japanese curry. It’s not too far away from the Jacob Javits Center and a close walk from Times Square if you’re interested. It’s a bit tiny, but the food is pretty good!

NYCC Avengers Booth

My Swag from NYCC

If you go to GO!GO!Curry, this is the Grand Slam…mmm mmm good

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  1. 12/21/2011 6:35 pm

    I think Comic-Con has been getting way too big for itself and just isn’t as good as the previous ones we’ve been to. At least I won free candy and we tried an awesome restaurant afterwards 🙂


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